I am definitely not a young man although I do not feel old. I’ve turned 25 26 times… that’s my thought anyway. But regardless, I started speaking into microphones when I was 14 years young. Now I’m 51 and still doing it, professionally. What is my story? It follows here below.

It’s a cold day in April in 1985 – a long, long time ago. Mattias is then 14 years old. He steps into a small community radio studio for the first time and immediately falls in love with the spoken medium, even though his mother did not recognize him when he spoke on the radio for the first time (he was a little nervous). Since then, he has spent about 17 years on the air, first at small community radio stations without getting paid, sometimes actually even paying to be heard. In 1993 he got his first full-time job, paid, at a radio station and kept at it, moving around a bit until 2002. Professionally, in the sense of where he earns his daily wage, he then switched to being a tech guy (first in radio, then in IT to finally end up in the streaming sphere).

Because he still loved the spoken medium, he continued to do smaller and larger projects for a few years with, among others, the Swedish Armed Forces and then launched his voice in the voice over sphere.

Today, aged 51, he has been using his voice in front of microphones for 37 years and it shows in the product he delivers.
By using his tone of voice he can now be your tone of choice for your products, books, corporate videos, your radio station and anything else you want him to use his voice for (within reason of course)

The delivery will be made with a note of warmth, a sense of security and trust, and with plenty of experience and confidence.

Join me on my journey to new heights as I intended to do here at Tone of Choice

Voiceover booth