what is a voice over?

What is a voice over?

A voice over is a production technique where a voice, separate from the on-screen actors, is used to narrate, provide commentary, or portray a character. Voice overs are commonly used in commercials, movies, video games, animation, and other forms of media.

How do I find a voice over artist?

You can find one here on toneofchoice.se of course. But apart from that you can find voice over artists through talent agencies, online platforms like Voices.com, Fiverr, or Upwork, or by searching for freelance voice artists online. Listen to demos and choose an artist based on their voice style and experience. 

How much does a voice over cost?

Voice over costs vary depending on factors such as the talent’s experience, project length, and usage rights. It can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Always request a quote and discuss project specifics with the voice over artist.

    What is the turnaround time for a voice over project?

    Turnaround time depends on the project’s complexity and the artist’s availability. Simple projects may take 12-48 hours, while more complex ones could take a week or longer. Discuss deadlines with the artist beforehand to avoid surprises.

    What is a voice over demo?

    A voice over demo is a short audio sample showcasing an artist’s vocal range, style, and abilities. It helps clients gauge if the artist’s voice is suitable for their project.

    How do I choose the right voice for my project?

    Consider factors like age, gender, accent, tone, and style that fit your target audience and project’s message. Listen to voice samples and choose an artist whose voice aligns with your vision.

    Can I request revisions for a voice over project?

    Yes, most voice over artists offer revisions. Discuss revision terms, such as the number of revisions included and associated costs, before starting the project.

    What is the difference between royalty-free and buyout licenses?

    Royalty-free licenses allow for unlimited usage of the voice over without additional fees. Buyout licenses grant usage rights for a specified period or purpose, after which additional fees may apply.

    What file format should I request for my voice over?

    Common formats include WAV, MP3, and AIFF. WAV and AIFF offer higher quality but larger file sizes, while MP3 is more compressed. Discuss your project requirements with the artist to determine the best format.

    Do voice over artists offer translation services?

    Some voice over artists provide translation services or collaborate with translators. Specify your language requirements when searching for an artist. This site will offer translations from english to swedish but nothing else – but we can of course provide contacts with more expertise on that area if asked.

    Can I direct the voice over session live?

    Yes, many artists offer live-directed sessions via phone or video conference, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments.

    How do I negotiate voice over rates?

    Discuss factors like project length, intended usage, budget constraints, and the artist’s experience when negotiating rates. Be respectful and open to compromise.

    Can I ask for multiple voice styles within a single project?

    Yes, many voice over artists can provide a range of styles. Be specific about your requirements and provide clear direction in your script.

      What are usage rights for voice overs?

      Usage rights determine how and where the voice over can be used, such as in specific media, territories, or timeframes. Clarify usage rights and associated fees before starting a project.

      How do I credit a voice over artist in my project?

      Credits vary depending on the project type. Discuss with the artist how they would like to be credited or if they require credit at all.

      Do I need to pay royalties for voice overs?

      Royalty payments depend on the license agreement between you and the voice over artist. If the agreement is royalty-free, you won’t need to pay additional fees. However, other agreements may require royalty payments based on usage. Always clarify the terms before starting a project.

        How can I be sure I'm hiring a professional voice over artist?

        Look for artists with a strong portfolio, positive client testimonials, and a professional online presence. You can also check their affiliations with industry organizations, such as SAG-AFTRA or the World Voices Organization.

          Can I use AI-generated voices for my voice over project?

          AI-generated voices are an option, but they may not convey the same level of emotion, nuance, and authenticity as a human voice artist. Consider your project’s needs and whether an AI-generated voice will effectively convey your message.