Mattias Pettersson

Professional Swedish and English Voice Over

Mattias Pettersson

Are you looking for a new voice for your brand?

Mattias Pettersson is a professional voice actor with over 37 years of experience of speaking into microphones. He has a warm, friendly voice that will make your customers feel safe and confident. He is also very experienced in many different types of voice work, so you can be sure he will deliver the perfect tone for your brand.

With Mattias as your brand’s new voice, you will be able to reach a wider audience and connect with them on a deeper level. His voice will help your brand stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your customers.

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Demo is also downloadble below

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information or if you want me to record a demo with your content

My story

I am a Swedish male voice actor who has been behind a microphone for 37 years.

Voiceover booth

It’s a cold day in April in the year 1985 – a long, long time ago. Mattias is 14 years old at the time. He steps into a small community radio studio for the first time and immediately falls in love with the spoken medium, even if his mom didn’t recognise him when he spoke on the radio for the first time (he was kind of nervous). Since then he has spent about 17 years on the air, first at small community radio stations without getting paid, sometimes actually even paying to be heard. In 1993 he got his first full time, paid, gig at a radio station and continued with that, whilst moving around a bit, until 2002. Professionally, in the sense of where he makes his day to day wage, he then switched to becoming a tech-guy (first in radio, then in IT to finally end up in the streaming sphere).

Being that he still loved the spoken medium he continued doing smaller and larger projects over a few years with, among other, the Swedish Armed Forces and subsequently launching his voice into the voice over space.

Today, at age 51, he’s been using his voice in front of microphones for 37 years and it shows in the product he delivers.
Using his tone of voice he can now be your tone of choice for your products, books, corporate videos, radio station and anything else you want him to voice (within reason of course)

The delivery for anyone using his voice will be made with a tone of warmth, a sense of security and trust, and with lots of experience.

format_quoteGreat service! Responsive to requests and fast in production. Highly recommend!format_quote
Sofie Falk Jansson
Commercial Director, Cellaviva
format_quoteWorld class. Fast delivery. Perfect. Very inspiring voice and corrected the minimal changes we wanted in a flash.format_quote
Alfred Eriksson
format_quoteMattias has brought our online courses to life through voice overs. He is fast, professional and service oriented. The quality of the sound recordings is exceptional and we have never had to do retakes, with few instructions he finds the right tone, tempo and emotion. I can warmly recommend Mattias when you need a voice over.format_quote
Johanna Casimiro
Learning Designer, Swedish Red Cross
format_quoteExtreme patience and very quick response. So much effort put into it with a very good understanding of a clients needs. I will defenitely give 5 stars to this man. I can only say that it was a great experience! Thank you for your time and hope to use your voice in future projects.format_quote
Emil Rickers

Voiceovers for all kinds of brands and products, with feeling – are you next?

Recording studio

I have invested in my voice over studio since 2012.
This is what it currently contains (among other things).

The Røde Rødecaster Pro you, as a customer, can be hooked into so you can hear your copy being recorded as it happens.

If you want it more professional than that we can, of course, make sure to use a professional studio for hire, wherever we may be at the moment.

A couple of clients we’ve done voiceovers for over the years…

Treo Meda
AJ Produkter
Svenska Röda Korset

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