More and more businesses tap into the international markets. This increases the demand for voice-over translation services. Unfortunately poor translation can lead to some truly cringeworthy and even viral blunders.

Here are a few examples of when things went viral because of the wrong thing:

“Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave”

In a widely-shared video Pepsi’s Chinese slogan was mistranslated as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave” instead of the intended “Pepsi brings you back to life.”

“It’s Better to be a Cow Than a Sheep”

In a Japanese commercial for Hyundai the voice-over was mistranslated as “It’s better to be a cow than a sheep” instead of the intended “It’s better to be a lion than a sheep.”

“Love Comes at a Price”

In a Spanish commercial for EZ Rent-A-Car the voice-over was mistranslated as “Love comes at a price” instead of the intended “Low prices come with great love.”

“Slippy is a Stupid Frog”

In the popular video game “Star Fox” the character Slippy was mistranslated as “Slippy is a stupid frog” instead of the intended “Slippy is a great guy.”

The “Big Brother” blunder

In the Spanish version of the reality TV show “Big Brother” the voice-over translation for the phrase “nominated for eviction” was mistakenly translated as “nominated for a blowjob.” This hilarious mistake quickly went viral causing embarrassment for the show and its producers.

The “Kung Fu Panda” mistake

In the Brazilian Portuguese version of “Kung Fu Panda” the voice-over translation for the character Po’s catchphrase “Skadoosh” was mistakenly translated as “Jizz in my pants.” This awkward and inappropriate translation was quickly noticed and corrected but not before it caused a stir on social media.

The “Frozen” flub

In the Italian version of “Frozen” the character Olaf’s line “I don’t have a skull, or bones” was mistakenly translated as “I don’t have a skull, or sperm.” This embarrassing translation was quickly corrected but not before it generated a lot of laughs and confusion.

The above examples illustrate the importance of accurate voice-over translation in global marketing. If you have poor translation it can not only leave your audience confused and disengaged but it can also damage your brand’s reputation. To avoid these types of mishaps it’s essential to carefully review and proofread your voice-over translations.

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