When you’re producing a corporate video, it’s important to choose the right music and voice-over to appeal to your target audience. The voice-over is a critical component that can make or break your video.

Think about it – would you rather watch a video with a well-spoken, articulate person narrating it? Or, would you prefer to watch a video with someone who sounds like they just rolled out of bed? The answer is obvious.

A good voice over will engage your viewer and hold their attention throughout the video. A bad voice over will cause them to lose interest and maybe even turn off the video altogether.

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How to Choose the Right Voice Over

When choosing a voice over for your corporate video, it’s important to consider the following:
Age – Is your target audience children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, or seniors? You’ll want to choose a voice that appeals to them.

Gender – Is your target audience male or female? Depending on your industry, you may want to choose a male or female voice over. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, you may want a female voice over because research has shown that people perceive female voices as being more compassionate. On the other hand, if you’re in the financial industry, you may want a male voice over because people see male voices as being more authoritative.

Accent – Does your target audience have a particular accent? If so, you’ll want to choose a voice over with that same accent. This will make them feel more connected to the narrator and ultimately more engaged with the video.

Tone – What tone do you want to set for your video? Do you want it to be serious or lighthearted? The tone of your voice over should match the tone of your video.

Experience – It’s important to choose a voice over artist with experience narrating corporate videos. They should be able to take direction well and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your video.

Smooth Delivery – A good voice over should have a smooth delivery with no noticeable errors. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced narrator who can deliver quality results.


A good voiceover can make your corporate video more effective by engaging your viewer and holding their attention throughout the entire video. When choosing a narrator for your corporate video, keep in mind factors such as age, gender, accent, tone, and experience. Look for someone who has experience narration corporate videos and who can deliver quality results.