Voices on Radio & TV and a lot of other places

Mattias has been thinking about doing podcasts for quite some time. The issue has been finding a common thread that he could use as a starting point for them. A lot of ideas and thoughts has been scrapped. While he was relaunching the voice over part of his business he finally figured it out.

A podcast about people working with their voices. Predominantly in Swedish though, at least to start with. The working name right now is Röster i Radio & TV (och en del andra ställen) which basically translates to: Voices on Radio & TV (and a lot of other places).

With his background in radio Mattias of course knows a lot of people using their voices to make a living. They should now maybe be afraid because he’s out to get them… to be on the podcast. The first episode will be introductory, in the sense that Mattias is going to introduce himself in a short episode – just to kick things off.

The first guest is already selected but we’re not going to disclose who that is just yet. 

We’ll of course publish the podcast on all places we can, as well as here on Tone of Choice