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Let’s be real, having a great voice is a good start for any voice actor, but it takes more than just vocal cords to reach legendary status. So, what separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of voice acting?

Here are a few key traits:

The ability to read complex scripts and really bring them to life.
A top-notch voice actor can take on even the most dense scripts and make them sound effortless. They’ve got a knack for understanding the message being conveyed and know how to bring it to life for the target audience.

The ability to adapt their performance for different types of projects.
A seriously legendary voice actor has the range to tackle any project that comes their way. Whether it’s a commercial, audiobook, or animated film, they know how to bring their A-game and switch up their style as needed.

A wide range of vocal styles and dynamics.
These voice acting heavyweights have a whole arsenal of vocal styles and dynamics at their disposal. They can go from smooth and sultry to high-energy and over-the-top with ease.

A legendary voice actor is someone who has a great voice, but also the skills to bring even the most complex scripts to life, the range to tackle any project, and a wide range of vocal styles in their toolkit. If you’re looking to add some serious star power to your project, don’t hesitate to seek out a seasoned voice acting pro!