As a voice actor, it’s important for clients to have a basic understanding of the terminology used in the industry. This will help ensure clear communication and a successful collaboration.

Here are some key terms every client should know

  1. Voiceover: This term refers to the art of using your voice to provide narration or dialogue for a variety of mediums such as commercials, video games, or animated films.
  2. Demo reel: A demo reel is a short compilation of a voice actor’s best work, showcasing their range and abilities. This is typically used to showcase a voice actor’s skills to potential clients.
  3. Character voice: A character voice is a specific vocal performance used to portray a specific character in a production. This could be anything from a cartoon character to a videogame character.
  4. Cold read: A cold read is when a voice actor is given script or dialogue to read without prior preparation or rehearsal. This is often used in auditions to see how well the actor can adapt to new material on the spot.
  5. Directing: As a client, you may be responsible for directing the voice actor during a recording session. This involves giving instructions and feedback to help guide the performance and ensure the desired outcome.
  6. Voiceover booth: A voiceover booth is a small, sound-proofed room where voice actors record their performances. This ensures that the recording is free of background noise and distractions.

By understanding these terms, clients can better communicate their needs and expectations to voice actors, resulting in a smoother and more successful collaboration.


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